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Corona virus Update

  • Health Maintenance/Preventive Medicine
  • Ultrasound
  • Infertility- Evaluation & Treatment
  • Family Planning (Birth Control)
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy & Alternatives
  • Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
  • Vaginal Hysterectomy
  • Supracervical Hysterectomy
  • Abdominal Hysterectomy
  • Abnormal Pap Smears- Evaluation & Treatment
  • Urinary Incontinence- Evaluation & Treatment
  • Pelvic Prolapse (ex.- fallen bladder)- Treatment
  • Pelvic Pain/Pain with Intercourse- Evaluation & Treatment

The following two procedures are now being performed in our clinic significantly reducing patient out-of-pocket cost.

  • Endometrial Ablation (treatment option for heavy bleeding)
  • Sterilization